Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Settling in South America

It feels fantastic to be here in Punta del Este. The last leg was emotional and full of stress, with the rounding of Cape Horn as the pivotal moment. My target has changed. It has been rounding Cape Horn and now it is the finish line in France. It really is a different feeling once you pass the Horn and start sailing in the Atlantic. A huge relief!

The yacht club here in Punta is fantastic and it is great to see so many familiar faces from my last visit in 1999. When I was dismasted about 24 hours after starting the race here, the entire community came together to offer their support. It was endearing and the same friends are here to welcome the Velux fleet. It is also very cool to see the healthy attitude and accessibility of sailing for kids. There are about 150 young sailors here getting ready for the Optimist Nationals, and the community is super supportive. It obviously does not matter what neighborhood you live in, and typical yacht club exclusivity doesn’t mean a thing. These kids want to sail… and the people around them are helping make it happen!

Thanks for checking in. Cheers,