Monday, February 14, 2011

Birthday at Sea - 49 South

It is tough trying to decide when to celebrate my 43rd birthday, so now is the time.  A number of days ago I passed over the date line while my family has stayed in New Zealand.  This means that yesterday was my birthday for Meg and the kids, but really as the calendar goes today is my birthday.  So somewhere along the last little space of time I have turned 43 years old and I am shocked to even hear those numbers roll off my lips.  I am happy Neptune has delivered a 25 knot reach as a birthday gift. The last couple days were good mileage but tough on me and the boat.  It was not quite upwind but upwind enough to be very wet and loud with unnerving bangs and groans from the faithful Le Pingouin. The harsh environment and “noise” is especially intense while so far from anywhere. 

I have a couple gifties from Meg and the kids and am looking forward to enjoying them in my new living room.  After complaining about the status of missing bean bag space Meg was able to convince a New Zealand company called Coast ( to outfit Le Pingouin with one of their Marine Bean bags which has been the coolest addition to the boat ever.  We are talking a super bonus comfy bean bag chair or bed depending on the moment.  So much of my downtime and today’s gift opening will be in comfort.  I will report on that and birthday dinner/desert later.

It is really true that the older you get the nature of a birthday truly changes?  As a child it is a joyous time.  I guess when middle aged it is sort of a reality check.   I would guess when older than that it becomes a bit of a celebration again, almost a triumph to get another one in the books. 

All the best from a grey and cold Southern Pacific,