Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skirting the Sahara and Pickin’ on a Pig Leg

16:00 GMT
25° North 16° 30’ West
Heading 195°

Well the boys left Tenerife at about 1100 GMT yesterday with a good start, but it was short lived. The lack of wind that is expected for most of this trip across the Atlantic arrived like a dead weight and they spent most of the night drifting, until it picked up again this afternoon. They are about 60 miles off the coast of the Western Sahara accompanied by lots of oil tankers and commercial traffic. The plan is to continue south, skirting the coast of Africa heading toward the Cape Verde Islands. It may not be until 14° North that they find the tradewinds they are seeking and can head in our direction.

Thankfully they are accompanied by a 30 pound pig leg. JC had begged me to bring along this mainstay sailors’ fare before departing France, but I was pleased to dine on my favorite AlpineAire dehydrated food. Once I made the decision to fly back home for sponsorship meetings, I could not in good conscience deprive them of their requested treat. So the salt cured piggy was delivered to the boat, hoof and all. Now being a southerner for the last 9 years I’ve adopted the love of pork, but at least we disguise it as barbeque or something not so obvious. Needless to say, they are enjoying it immensely as they make their slow drive south. I’ll keep up with the crew as they bring our Eco 60 home, and post the latest news here on the blog.