Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Final Miles

14:00 GMT
29° 07’ North 76° 03’ West

The crew reported in this morning and they are about 300 miles from Charleston. They are shagged after several brutal days of 40+ knot winds, and 5 weeks at sea. I'd be cranky too! They'll likely be entering the Gulfstream later this evening and have high hopes to arrive Sunday evening. Right now they are headed due West upwind toward Jacksonville. This has been a truly good (and nerve racking) test of the boat. The crew has been stellar in their patience, as well as skill and determination. I can't wait to pass them a cold beer upon arrival in Charleston Harbor. Hopefully that will be Sunday night and not Monday morning!

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Thanks for keeping up with our news. As the boat comes in we will be sending the latest to Twitter via cell phone from the chase boat (AKA "the sandbox").