Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Heading East in High Seas

All is okay out here.  It is a bit of a sh*&^ fight right now but nothing dangerous I don’t think.  Le Pingouin is hanging in there and I am just trying to go fast enough for the sea state and not too fast, as sliding off the waves sideways truly sucks if you’re going too slow, and jumping off them at 20+ knots boat speed also sucks.  I talked to Derek today and he said he thought Gutek was misunderstood in his message about seeing 70 knots of wind. He thinks the intent was that he had the boat set up for 70 but that they only saw 40.  They are in the eerie center of the low pressure system with very little wind, huge slamming seas and sunshine.  I hate those moments, so hopefully I am far enough east to avoid that super slamming scenario.  The storms in this part of the world come from the west typically and in some cases, like this one, from the north or north west. In any event, the boats to the west see the weather change first.  Derek has been kind enough to stay in touch and keep me informed which is not necessary but very cool.  I think part of the reason we have also been in touch is that no one likes to be alone in a foxhole.  That is a supposition, never having been in a war myself, but I would imagine true.
Holding hands with LP,