Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Okay, Let's Get Personal

Okay, let’s get personal. Leaving land and taking on this incredible race has been epic. But there are some very important people at home. Here is a small glimpse of the few communications I have with those that mean the most!

Tate, my 8 year old daughter, October 25 

It is Tate writing you from bed. What are u doing right now? Can u send a photo of what u are doing when u get this message? I wonder what I will do tomorrow. I wonder what u will do tomorrow. I wonder about a lot of things. I want u to put a note in a bottle and send it out to sea. I wonder what the sea looks like right now. I hope u are saying goodnight because I am. Love, Tate. Miss u a lot.

My Reply to Tate, October 26

Hi Tate,

I got your message last night.  Thank you for the note.  I think of you too a whole lot and miss you.  I can’t wait to see you in Africa in 3 weeks or less.  Everything out here on the ocean is fine.  The boat is doing great and out here. She is sort of my only friend so I talk to her sometimes.  I know it sounds weird but it helps me not be lonely. I was telling her that we were going to have a family slumber party on her in Cape Town.  She then started going really fast like she liked the idea and could understand me.  I think she also likes to show off a little because whenever she knows the race people are watching how fast we are going, she goes a little faster than the rest of the time.  Another crazy girl in my life, like you and your mommy weren’t enough!   I sent you a photo of me with the ocean behind for you to see, like you wanted.  I took it right when I got your note in the very early morning.

Of course I can leave a message in a bottle for you.  You have to think about what you want the message to say and let me know.  If you want I could leave it right at the equator and then if someone finds it and contacts you, then you will know whether it went into the southern hemisphere or the northern hemisphere.  Maybe your mommy can show you what I mean on a map or globe.

I promise I’ll keep thinking of you lots especially when I am going to sleep.   You do the same, okay!

I love you very much,