Saturday, February 27, 2010

Progress on Land and Race Boat Arrival Pending

This week was a winner as we had some nice sponsorship meetings and great prospects that seem engaged and enthusiastic about the race. It is amazing how many declines you have to endure, before finding those that can think outside the box and really take a good hard look at the benefits of sponsoring an entry in this type of event. Thankfully, I am no rooky so we have loads of media results and positive testimonial from previous sponsors. Hopefully, there will soon be some good news on sponsorship but in the meantime we need to ramp up the grassroots fundraising effort to keep things moving as we refit and prepare the boat to the level needed to represent a competitive American effort. As for the on to the water side…

I spoke with the boys yesterday and all is well. They are out of the trade winds and getting ready to deal with the low pressure systems coming off the US. Their position is 21 degrees North and 60 degrees West, and they are sailing at about 11 knots straight toward Charleston. They are feeling a bit closer to home now that they are only 1 time zone away! They do expect to have heavy winds off N. Florida in a couple days, and the lows will throw winds at them from the northwest. Getting into phase with these lows as you try to keep the bow pointed toward home is a real trick. They will have to contend with 2 significant lows that will first feel like a sleigh ride with strong southerlies and then the breeze will clock into the northwest and stick for a while to make it feel like you’ll never get there. Net result is that they’ll be “stair stepping” the way home. We’re likely to get another update on Sunday morning but my guess is a Thursday or so arrival in Charleston. All the best and happy weekend to all!