Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy to be Home While the Crew is Headed in the Right Direction with Hopes of Sushi

15:00 GMT
13° 09’ North 29° 06’ West
Heading 275°

I must say, it is good to be home, and a good decision to get back here for tending to business. The amount of logistics involved in preparing for the refit is staggering – as we plan to haul the boat out upon arrival and tackle major jobs such as reconfiguring the deck layout, replacing all the sails, lines and rigging, building a nav station, and loads more. We are also working hard to acquire sponsors at every level, with some promising leads.

Jeffrey, JC and Adam are all well aboard the race boat and working their way West. It actually looks like a favorable weather pattern between 13-15° North. They currently have about 10-12 knots of wind from the East/Northeast. Jeffrey reports that the last 2 days they’ve been making good progress on a starboard gybe, but expect the winds to shift more Easterly and force them to gybe their way across the Atlantic. He says it still feels like they are a long way from home!

Adam is getting the fishing lines ready for the rest of their 2,000 mile haul toward North America, with hopes of sushi. The guys seem highly motivated (and a bit jealous) after my description of Valentine’s dinner out with Meg at Bamboo! I won’t taunt them anymore, as we don’t want them to end up fishing in the Caribbean instead of here in Charleston for the refit. I’ll keep posting to the blog as I hear news from the boat.